The Perfect Excuse

In some ways trans people are no different than cis people. In fact in some ways they are no different than anyone. We all occasionally do something for which we are not so proud of, for which we would undo if we could. At such painful moments like everyone we have two choices, own up to it or make an excuse. But this is where we have a secret weapon.


(or testosterone for you F2M folks)

The cure to all trans life’s predicaments.

  • Why are you upset? Estrogen
  • Why are you crying? Estrogen
  • Why are you mad? Estrogen
  • Why aren’t you listing to me? Estrogen
  • Why did you spill that? Estrogen
  • Why are you late? Estrogen
  • Why didn’t you take care of that? Estrogen
  • Why didn’t you clean that up? Estrogen
  • Why….? Estrogen

No matter what you have done not quite perfect in the eyes of those around you, you have the perfect excuse. Now I am sure some of you non-trans people are thinking that’s not fair. But think about it for us (trans people) life isn’t so easy, it takes a lot to transition, so maybe we are pushing the estrogen excuse just a tad.

But I have to ask, If you had such an easy way to get out of your booboos, wouldn’t you use it too?