The End of an Era and a Beginning

Many of us have dreams, “Some day I would like to…”. Unfortunately so often they are just that dreams. When I was a child my grandfather and I were very close and had all kinds of dreams. We were going to homestead in Alaska, go to Germany and many other such trips. But non of that ever happened. I loved my grandfather but I eventually learned they were just dreams. But some times dreams do get to be reality.

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to try out living downtown. Even before coming out I had this dream. But being the real me, an extrovert made it even bigger. All my life, both as a child and as an adult, I have always lived in the suburbs, or out in the country. But in November of 2022 the stars seemed to be aligned to make this dream a reality.

Of course the first step was finding an apartment in downtown Salt Lake City that works for me. While I considered just getting a studio I really wanted a one bedroom, but so many of those were beyond my means. Then I found a few that I could easily afford. But unfortunately for me those all had income-restriction and I made too much money to quality. I felt like Goldilocks, this ones too high, this ones too low, where is the one that is just right.

After lots of looking I finely found the one that was “Just right”. It was over by Pioneer Park. A nice sized one bedroom apartment. I was able to get a bottom floor uint which is what I wanted. I knew I would be doing a lot of dancing and didn’t want to be pounding on someone’s ceiling.

The floor plan was nearly perfect. I knew I wanted an open layout so that I could maximize my dance space. Although the kitchen was a bit setoff the rest of the public space was very open and flexible. It had a space for a dinning room table, but it was just me. I didn’t need a big table. So that space was added to the living room space. I was able to arrange a very adjustable living space. In one configuration it was my home office with access to my big white board. In another configuration it was my little home gym to do some of my workouts in. Move things around a bit more and I had a space for four at my small fold up dinner table, or space to watch a movie. And of course I could put everything to the edges of the room for my little apartment dance floor.

Being next to Pioneer Park meant it was within walking distance to so many things. I spent so many hours and days exploring my new world. Some times I would spend my lunch break from work, when I was working from home, and just wander around. I walked to City Creek mall and the SLC library many times. When there were rallies at the capital I just walked to them. 2023 Pride was so much fun just being able to walk to it. Being able to come and go was great.

Of course one of the places I walked to the most were the bars and clubs. There were literally over a dozen clubs within about a 15 minute walk from my apartment. I regularly walked to ET (Exchange/Twist) and Area51. Those became my defaults. But I also walked to The International, Shades and poked my nose into a few others. For another 5 minutes I could get to Club Verse. That fact is there were way more clubs and bars to check out than I ever got around to doing.

Then there was running. If you’re not a runner you might not understand this. But while I was in SLC I re-discovered running. I used to run, very off and on, when I was younger but had given it up. I was over 50 and running is a high impact sport, not easy on older joints. I had moved my cardio to a rowing machine, which is an excellent workout by the way. But my new apartment didn’t have a rowing machine, just treadmills. Then I got to thinking I dance for hours at a time and my dancing is definitely high impact, so why can’t I run. So I decided to give it a try, I was in love. It felt so good, so connecting, so freeing, so beautiful. Since that day I have run dozens of times all over downtown SLC.

All good things must come to an end

I so loved living downtown and wish it could have continued but that was not in the stars for me. This past year I had some major financial shifts and the money just isn’t there to life downtown anymore. It was so amazing, but also very expensive.

I suppose I could be upset or made or downright pissed-off about having to move, but I am not. I got to have my dream. Sure some people just get to always live in such a place. I could look at them and say “poor me”, but I am not. I was blessed with the opportunity to live my dream. Maybe compared to others this was a small dream. For sure it was only for a season. But I did get to have my dream, and it was amazing. Every thing I had hoped for and more.

So why am I not upset? I really don’t know. For sure part of it is that I feel so blessed to have had the time I did and I would rather focus on all that I have been blessed with than all there there is left to want. There will always be plenty to want and if you focus on that you will always be lacking. I am so not lacking. I have been so blessed.

The other part of why I am not upset is that I am focusing on what I am getting, not what I am leaving. I am moving back to Grantsville where I have family to enjoy. Family I haven’t given enough of my time to lately. I have been so focused on finding me I kinda forgot about including them. But they are all a very beautiful and special part of my life. So being here will allow me to do more with them.

Beyond that I’m not sure. Over all I seem to be quite the optimist. I’m not sure where my roller-coster is going but I’m quite sure it will be fun. It might be a bit scary at times but the ride will be amazing.