Not My Normal Day

Some seem to think I am none stop energy, that I never slow down. Obviously, that is largely because a lot of people who know me know me from my activities. And when I am active I am usually very active. But there is another, less common, side of me. I do occasionally have a lazy day.

A lazy day for me, such as what happened a while back, is kind of strange. No shopping sprees. No climbing for hours. No all-day hikes. No dancing till tomorrow. Dare I say, I almost felt ‘sedentary’. Can you believe that Jasmine-Arabella being lazy, not out partying her ass off?

Well, for whatever reason that day just kind of came out that way. I slept in a bit, which I rarely do. I had planned on doing a morning workout. But as is true most mornings for me I started that day with some coffee and a light breakfast to wake up. That ended up lasting over two hours.

But I wasn’t totally lazy, after my two-hour wakeup I did do my workout. However, I didn’t do my normal workout, well at least not in the normal way. Usually, I need to get to work, so I get through my workout quickly. But since I had that day off there was no urgency to push me along. So I did my full workout and even added a few new exercises but I did it all at a very relaxed pace. Taking my time in between exercises to ponder various things going on in my life.

But I did do a full workout even if it took me twice as long as normal. So after that, I thought I would reward myself with a soak in the hot tub. I am usually so busy that even when I do find time to go in the hot tub it is only for a half hour or so. But that soak lasted two whole hours.

When evening came, I considered calling it a day and relaxing and watching a movie. For those of you that don’t know, I rarely watch movies. I am usually too busy doing all of my activities. Most often I get home and crash, especially when getting home is at 3am. But that day ended as it began as it seemed to have lived, a lazy day.