My Rep, but for how long?

A while back I realized I have a reputation now.  I’ve never really had what one would call a reputation before.  But at least on the dance floor, I have a very consistent reputation of dancing all night.  From the time the DJ starts to the time they end. 

Along with that people have come to expect me to be very lively on the dance floor.  I am not one of those who gets on the dance floor and kinda sorta wiggle to the music, not there there is anything wrong with that.  But when I am on the dance floor I am nearly always moving and very active.  

All of which has added up to a lot of positive comments from others.  Many of these people I know, at least causally from previous times on the dance floor.  Many of them I have never seen before.  But the one theme that is quite common with all of them is gratitude for my energy.  As best I have figured it out they see someone on the dance floor who is clearly past her 20’s/30’s that is as, if not more, energetic than most, and some how this is encouraging.  They seem amazed at my energy level at my age. To be honest I am too. I never dreamed I would have this kind of energy. I try to keep fit but I really don’t know where all the energy comes from. I have gotten so many compliments on how inspiring I am for them.  All of which is amazing to me.

I never set out to have a rep or inspire anyone.  Same is true with my body.  I regularly get compliments on how fit and “cut” I am.  I don’t work out to get compliments.  I work out for myself so that my body and I can do amazing things.  Like dance all night and get up the next day for more adventures.  

If I danced or worked out just to get compliments that would be rather vain.  But I never set out to get compliments.  Although they do really help.  I love running and rarely need motivation to get going.  But most of my other workouts are pretty much a means to an end (allowing my body to do amazing things).  For those sometimes it is knowing they help me get those complements that give me that extra push on days when I really don’t feel like working out.  

But back to how all of this affects others.  That to me is so amazing, that me just being me, being the best me I can be, some how sometimes helps others, encourages them.  As I told a lady just last night, to me it is everyone else giving me energy.  Some how the crowded dance floor livens me up.  So it is one of those most beautiful synergies.  They give me energy, so I dance more.  I dance more which gives many of them energy, encouragement us both. And on it goes as we build each other up.

And in all this, I keep wondering, “How long will it last?”

I know there are some, like some of my siblings, who seem to think this is just a “phase” I am going through and that I will eventually outgrow it.  I have been dancing at clubs and/or other places once a week, sometimes two or three times in a week, for nearly two years now.  If this is just a “phase” it is going strong right now. And I don’t see any stopping in the near future.

There are times when everything is so right, that I can’t ever see it ending.  But in my quiet (yes I have those) logical times I can’t help but consider the fact that my body will eventually get to a point where it can’t do as much as I do now.  Of course that will most likely show itself in a gradual change.  I will lose my rep of staying up all night and be going home early, like around midnight.  

But beyond the physical is this something that will stay with me from a spiritual perspective?  Yes for me dancing is a lot of fun, and sometimes that is the focus, but it also has a spiritual element to it for me.  I can’t see that changing.  But I can’t help but wonder, will it.  Off hand, I would think if anything the spiritual element will grow stronger, as the years and decades go by and my body is no longer able to keep up with my current level of physical activity.

The more I think about it I don’t see it ending. I do see it evolving. As the decades go by how early I head home will inch up. My moves may become more reserved. As I said I’m guessing all of that will result my focusing more on the spirtiual part. But dance and music are such an integral part of me. They are a very special part of my soul. And as I see one’s soul as eternal, I don’t see this ending, ever. When I joing the infinite it will be there too.