My Life Motto

Do you have a life motto? I doubt it; I didn’t used to. I think most of us just make our way through life without such guiding perspectives. The fact is I didn’t choose a life motto, it found me. I have been living by this motto for a while now, but it was only the other day that it became clear to me when I verbalized it at a climbing class. Right before doing a somewhat scary task, I said to myself “Fuck it, I’m going for it!”. And there was a very clear thought behind that, “Because life is too amazing to let the small shit stop you from living“. But it didn’t start at the climbing gym.

The first time I can remember having this attitude was the first time I went dancing, only a few months ago. I had this huge list of reasons why I shouldn’t get on the dance floor. I was terrified. But I was more terrified of never even trying, of living a life of never knowing what if I had tried. So finally I thought to myself, “Fuck it, I’m going for it!”. That moment, that determination to not sweat the small shit: people looking, my poor dancing skills, etc., so changed my life. I now dance multiple times a week for hours and hours.

Some time later I was in a grocery store and they started playing one of my favorite songs. You are not supposed to dance in a grocery store, was the initial thought going through my head. But it was a great song and my soul so wanted to enjoy it, so finally I said “Fuck it, I’m going for it!”. I have no idea what people thought, and I don’t care at all. I had a blast shopping and dancing along the way. I have since then decided ‘the world is my dance floor’.

A couple months later, I was at a dance club and felt the stage calling me. I kept thinking the stage is for performers. I am a decent dancer now but certainly nowhere close to professional. But for some reason my soul wanted to be there, I still don’t totally understand why. So finally that night I said, “Fuck it, I’m going for it!”. It felt so right. Now I just jump up onto the stage as soon as I get to the club. If there aren’t actual performers on it, I will own it.

Back to where I started. I wanted to join a climbing group because I knew it wasn’t safe to climb solo. But I also wanted to join a group I felt accepted and safe in which for me meant it needed to be a queer goup. The one I found is filled with people far younger than me. I could have let that stop me. But for the most part I believe you are as old as you let yourself be. So rather quickly the conclusion was, you know, ‘Fuck it, I’m going for it!’. The group is great. Now I am out climbing two or three times a week, and loving it.

There are many other times where this motto has enboldened me to move past my comfort zone and live my life. To jump out and do that which others are still pondering. Becasue to me, we are here to live, not just exist.

So don’t let the small shit stop you from living. For sure we all have our limits. I am not going to try to pick up a 200 lb barbell because I know that is way beyond my ability. If you have anxiety or other issues, you need to honor that part of yourself and take care of yourself. But don’t let the small shit keep you from enjoying life, from living.

  • Does it really matter what others think, or do?
  • Does it really matter if you are good at it or not?
  • Does it really matter if it is the ‘normal’ way?
  • Does it really matter ….

The list goes on. We play these excuses in our heads all the time and in so doing we cheat ourselves out of the life we could be living. If it is a real serious issue consider it, but if not.

Fuck it, I’m going for it!.
Because life is too amazing to let the small shit stop you from living 

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