Happy New Years

Every 365 days we celebrate this arbitrary day as the start of another trip around the sun. For some it is just another day, for others, it is a big deal. For me, for this year, it has been very special.

I am writing this on 20200101 (that is 2020, month 01, day 01) at about noon, so the day isn’t over yet. But so far it has been amazing. If you are reading this you most likely know, I chose New Years to come out on Facebook.

Like anytime an LGBT person comes out there is always the concern about how well you will be received. To say it has been good would be a tremendous understatement. I have gotten so many positive loving accepting replies it is amazing. I feel like I am covered in a blanket of love.

People are amazing to me. We all have our days when we are, for whatever reason, not at our best. Then comes a day like today when so many shine with the love of God. Giving in a way that, to me, transcends life itself in so many ways.

Yes, giving, for sure it was just a few words or an emoji that people shared. But to me, in that simple sharing, you gave so much. You gave your love. You gave your acceptance. You gave a little bit of that part of all of us that is part of HaShem.

In all of them my world expanded, I hope yours did too. It expanded to know I have people, literally all over the world that love and accept me as I am, as me, as Jasmine-Arabella. To know there are some things that go so far beyond borders and other boundaries.

At times I wish I could bottle up some of my joy and send it to you. But I think joy is like looking in a mirror when you give you receive. If you have received in all of this even a fraction of the joy I have, you are very blessed.

May the joy this day has brought us all continue through the year.