Me and Polyamory

My Basic Profile

If you have seen me in a fb group or other place online the following is likely the profile you got to read.

  • Name: Jasmine-Arabella (just Jasmine is fine)
  • Birthday: 11/26
  • Age: Somewhere between 16 & 60
  • Sexuality: Lesbian
  • Gender : Female
  • Relationship Status: married
  • Looking for: female friends & partners
    • who are: interested in growing, want to share in my adventure as I share in theirs, are authentic, open & honest.  Sex and exploring there in is important, but relationship and growing is far more important.
  • Favorite Color: Purple and Pink
  • Favorite Food(s): breakfast food, Mexican, Pizza
  • Bookworm or Movie Buff?: movies
  • Zodiac Sign: no idea
  • Pets : a couple cats, but love dogs too
  • Location: Grantsville, but I am in SLC all the time
  • Vaccine Status: vaccinated
  • Do you smoke?: no, it burns my eyes
  • Drink?: No, but I don’t mind social drinkers
  • Hobby: shopping, writing, dancing, walks & hiking, tinkering, exploring
  • Into Sports : Only if you include dancing and frisbee
  • Night or Morning Person : Morning, but I can dance all night
  • Music Taste: Pop/rock&roll, Oldies
  • DM: If you have read all of my More info, I would love to chatInteresting fact: I am in the middle of a life reboot

More Info

Life for me is amazing and intense  Even things I have done for years seem new. And I am trying new things all the time.  I am learning what I do and don’t like.  I am an extreme extrovert and can’t seem to get enough of socializing.  For me, age is far more about who you are than a chronometer.  Technically I am 60 but I feel/act a lot younger.  Part of that is because I exercise regularly and eat very healthily.  Although I do enjoy an occasional caloric splurge.  I can dance for hours till the club is closed and get up in the morning for a full day of adventure.  The other reason for all of this newness and exploring is because I am a transgender woman and have only been out a couple of years. But in those two years I have; had surgery to correct who I a downstairs, learned to present as the woman I am, done a 180 on my politics (I am very liberal now), gone from thinking I was an introvert to knowing I’m an extrovert, found my passion, and more.  But I am far from done, I hope I am never done. I want to spend the rest of my life learning and growing.

Note: I don’t do drugs or alcohol, but I am ok with your mild cannabis or drinking.

Beyond the Basic Profile

If you are interested in my basic non-poly bio please go here.

Me & Poly

Maybe the first thing to note is that I am new to polyamory. My wife and I decided to move in this direction in October of 2021. Since then we have read some books, websites and listened to a number of podcast episodes. I have also chatted with my polyamorous friends a bit about jumping in. We still have a lot to learn and intend to move slowly, but definitively.

Some people are very specific in what they want in their “Looking for”. At this point, I am simply looking for poly friends and hoping some of those grow into partners. I don’t feel a need to be more specific than that. This is partly due to being new to poly and not knowing all of the terms and options. But it is more because I don’t want to close any doors. Too many times in life I thought I knew what I wanted, or needed, just to find out I was way off. Life is so amazing and sometimes what you really need is quite different than your fantasy perfection.

Another, and related, reason I am not being overly specific is because of what poly means to me. One of the biggest attractions of poly to me is that it does away with all of the relationship stereotypes. Each relationship is allowed to grow into whatever it naturally does. But for me, for that to happen means being open.

On the other hand, I know there are those of you who are very clear on what you are “Looking For”, that is fine. Maybe I can learn from your experience. I am very happy to discuss and consider the multitude of poly options and see how they work for us. I guess I see poly like I see life right now, as a journey without a map, but filled with treasures to be found or stumbled upon. I don’t know where I am going but I am having a fucking fantastic time getting there.


Dancing is amazing to me, it is a whole body and soul experience. I seem to never be able to get enough of it. I commonly go to my favorite bar, The Sun Trap, and dance all night. I get there before the DJ which is usually around 9 and dance till they close around 2am. The dance floor is rarely very full till around 10:30, but I don’t care. I certainly am not the best dancer. In fact, I always feel I am OK at best. But I don’t care I don’t go dancing to impress anyone, I go dancing for me, because it feeds my soul like nothing else does. That said I am working on improving my dancing skills.

I love shopping, not that I necessarily purchase that much. I love going through each aisle of a store to see what is new and what looks fun. I guess for me shopping is a kind of adventure, you never know what you are going to find or who you might end up chatting with. I guess I also see it as a kind of social outing, as I love chatting with the other customers. It is an experience I can spend all day at.

For me, writing is somewhere between a lot of fun and a really deep personal experience depending on what I am writing. I love it the best when something recently happened that inspired me within something I am passionate about. Then the words just flow and it is usually intense and beautiful. I don’t mean beautiful in that it is necessarily great writing, although I can write fairly good for an amateur, but beautiful in the experience. I get to pour my soul out into words and when it flows well I get to share myself in a way that I can’t much any other way. In the end, I am usually laughing or, more likely, crying from the intensity.

I don’t think that is a word you hear too much anymore. Unfortunately, it is the only word I know that describes what I like to do. I am not a professional yet I manage to fix, improve and improvise on all kinds of things. I enjoy tinkering with electronics and jewelry the most. But I have messed around with all kinds of materials and things. For me, it is fun envisioning something and then trying to create it. I know for a lot of people that is thought of as DIY projects, but I prefer the term tinker because I feel it is more appropriate to my attitude. I would like to see my creation work out, but it is more about having fun in the process then the end result, not to say I don’t end up with some good end results sometimes.

Often when I talk about exploring I am referring to a new town, city, or other geographical place. But also think of exploring a new mall that I have never been to before, or a museum that is new to me. I also apply that word to new experiences, like pole dancing, that I haven’t done yet. In a way, it is anything new that opens my mind to new possibilities.

More to come, as I have time to add it.