How this Affects You

Most of what I have on this website is from my perspective and focused on what it all means for me. But they say when someone transitions everyone around them transitions with them. Everyone consciously or unconsciously will adjust. So there is your perspective. How does a non-trans person relate to a trans person? So here I have tried to supply some thoughts and links to assist with that.

I am very open to people asking questions. I enjoy sharing ideas and I want to do what I can to help people adjust. The only restriction I would give is if it isn’t the kind of thing you would ask a cis person (non-trans) don’t expect me to be open to it.

As is true in all things, I ask that you apply the Golden Rule to all your interactions with me as I try to do with everyone.

In “What to Do When Your Colleague Comes Out as Transgender” the Harvard Business Review makes some good points. They are mostly looking at the social aspects of things, but it is all good advice.

This story from FastCompany takes the next step and asks others to help the trans person. If you are up to going beyond accepting and actively being supporting this article has some good ideas. However, I don’t entirely agree with recommendation three. They say “Sometimes we just want to chill and not think or talk about being trans…”. I am a questioner, so I totally understand people being curious about this. As long as the questions and comments are respectable I don’t usually have an issue with talking about who I am.