The New Normal

As I am getting used to being out, things are changing. I used to keep the bedroom nice and tidy. Everything had a place and it was all put in its place. Getting dressed was simple, do I wear jeans or do I wear jeans. But that is changing.

In the past, my morning routine was quite simple. I had a few different pairs of jeans and about the same number of polos. Getting dressed was mostly a matter of which item happened to be at the top of my drawer. But life isn’t so simple anymore.

Most mornings I get up and the first question on my mind is ‘what am I going to wear today?’. And that is not an easy question because it leads to a number of other questions. What colors do I feel like wearing? What kind of mood am I in? What do I need to get done today? What is clean and hanging up in my closet? What is the weather like? It is a complex process of analyzing (yes analyzing, I am still an engineer) all of these various elements of style and mood.

But most mornings one question is at the top of the list, ‘What boots do I want to wear today?’ No not shoes, boots. Oh yes, I do have a few pairs of shoes. I don’t remember when was the last time I wore any of them. I have had numerous obsessions in my life, but right now the one I am enjoying the most is boots. I love boots. I have a small collection, only about a dozen.

I want more like maybe five or six dozen, but I am running out of room. My wife tells me our closet is at its max boot capacity and that I will have to wait till one of the kids moves out. Once that happens their bedroom will become a closet with wall to wall shelves filled with boots. Until then I will just have to suffer with a minimal selection.

Of course, such an appetite for boots has a few drawbacks. Beyond trying to find places to store them there are various chores involved. I need to clean them and polish them. But right now the hardest chore is putting them away. I try but it seems a few just seem to never make it back to the closet.

This is my ‘New Normal’