The crazy lady at the mall

Have you ever seen some one acting kind of odd? In a way that our social norms say ‘you shouldn’t do that, it is improper’. I think we all have. Maybe we think something is wrong with that person and keep our distance.

Maybe in doing so we lose out. We stay in the safe space that society says we should, but in doing so we lose out on living. When our life is so confined that we can only do certain things, simply because some unwritten rule says you shouldn’t do X, we lose the freedom to be ourselves. We live in a box.

I have lived in a box for decades, fuck the box. I was the “crazy lady at the mall”

I had gotten some new earbuds. While trying them out at the Apple store they sounded so good. If fact they sounded amazing. I so wanted to try them out. I mean really try them out. To let the music flow through my body and soul.

So after eating my dinner in the food court I found a less busy part of the dining area. It was about 15 by 30 feet. It still had plenty of people in it but not as much traffic as the main area. I put in my earbuds, and I danced. Yes, I danced with all my soul. I spun and twirled and leaped to the music. Oh I was careful. I looked for people trying to get by and moved out of the way when I needed to, but to the beat of the music.

I am sure many thought who is the crazy lady in the middle of the food court. Some people staired. Some people seemed to try to ignore me. Some kids looked up with smiles.

Obviously I have no idea what any of them really thought. All I know is my soul was so happy. I wanted to go on forever, as I always do when I am immersed in my dancing. But I had other things to do. So I enjoyed a few songs. Then I forced myself to settle down and head out. I headed out with a heart and soul so full of joy. Did I make a spectical of myself, maybe. Was it it worth? Fuck YES!!!

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