Thank You

Thank You!
Those words feel so shallow compared to the ocean of gratitude in my heart.  But there are times, like this, when there are no words in any language that can express the immenseness of what is in the heart

It has been a year since I came out to the world as Jasmine Arabella Post.  It has been an amazing year, an intense year, a wonderful year.  I have done more growing in this past year than any other year of my life.  I have learned so much about myself, my world, and what true love and friendship is.

You may think this is about the service you provided.  For sure I am very grateful for that.  But you provided so much more than your service.  You were/are a safe place for me to have those services.  But most of all your kind words and loving heart gave me the courage to move on, to take that next step.  You have all been an invaluable part of my support network.

When I first started out many people, including some of you, asked me if I had a support network.  At the time I was a bit confused.  I knew what it meant.  But I didn’t understand the importance of it.  I do now.  

It is not an easy process this metamorphosis of becoming the person I always was inside.  There are times when the pain of not being born as I should have seem nearly unbearable.  I want so much for the metamorphosis to be done.  Yet I have no choice, it is a slow process.

But I am getting there day by day one small step at a time.  You all gave me that, the power to take the next step, and the next, and the next.  Which has resulted in a year of amazing growth and discovery. 

There are not word sufficient to express my gratitude. So I will end by sharing how I have grown this past year.  You were such a special part of that growth.

Please follow this link to more about all you have helped learn.