Some Big Changes

This will likely be something of a shock.  I ask and pray that you will not jump to conclusions, or make assumptions based on things you have read.  Please consider what I have to say with an open heart.

I have always known I was different.  Even as a small child, I seemed to never fit in. But I was different in a way that was not very acceptable back then. So I learned at a young age to hide who I am. I got so good at this that I even hid who I am from myself.  I grew up and spent most of my adult life considering myself to be someone I am not.  

This worked fine until a few years ago when something happened that reminded me about my childhood and who I am.  But this time I could not hide from it, nor did I want to. It was quite clear that I needed to figure out what this part of me is and how to deal with it.

At first, my wife and I did a lot of research about this and related topics. Eventually, it became obvious that we had gone as far as we could on our own. At that point, we started working with experienced professionals. After months of exploring this issue with their guidance, I have come to the very real understanding that I am transgender.

I am sure you have many questions.  I have tried to anticipate some of the more common issues.  In an attempt to be proactive about this, I have created this website.

I know this is a lot to take in.  Please take your time. When you are ready, please consider what I have to say here.