There are times I feel my whole life revolves around pills. Now I know what you are thinking, trans people only need a couple pills. But my life was fairly ‘pill happy’ before I discovered I am trans. Being trans has just added a bit.

My journey into the world of pills started when my wife got a job working for a Chinees Herbologist. At first, she was just supposed to be her organizational consultant, but her duties grew. As her duties grew so did her knowledge of pills.

Before then we were an ordinary family with an ordinary medicine cabinet. We had the usual stuff in our little old MC. But every week or so my wife would come home with a new bottle. She would proudly let everyone know she had this new chinees herb that would cure this or that. As the weeks rolled by our little MC got stuffed. She had far more bottles of pills than it could handle. Slowly the pills storage started invading other cabinets.

As the variety of pills grew so did the cures they could offer. It seemed no matter what your problem she had a pill for it. She probably has a pill to fix a broken arm, but fortunately, I have not had to take that one.

At first, I resisted a bit wanting to go with the more traditional solutions. But she kept telling me this or that pill would fix whatever I was complaining about. Eventually, I gave in and decided to try one. I don’t recall what the pill was or what it was for, but it worked.

Of course, now that my wife knew that I knew the pills worked, there was no saying no anymore. So whenever I would come home complaining that I wasn’t feeling the best she would quickly be handing me a bottle and be telling me to take these.

After a while, she decided my one-a-day vitamin wasn’t good enough. Soon I had a whole collection of, well I just think of them as my daily pills because I don’t know what all they are. All I know is my wife tells me to take them and when it comes to pills she is usually right.

Beyond those pills, I have other pills. I have some health conditions that require pills and then there is being trans. I only have the two usual pills, but I have to take multiple of them at different times of the day.

So between all of the pills my wife has for me, the pills my doctor has for me and my transition pills, I seem to be constantly taking pills. If it wasn’t for a little ‘time to take your pill’ app I have I would be constantly forgetting.

But having so many pills has its advantages. I don’t have to look at the clock much anymore. I get a reminder to take my blue pill and I know it is morning. I get a reminder to take my white pill and I know it is the afternoon. And so goes my day. Eventually, I get that last reminder for my last pill of the day and I get to go to sleep. And so end a pill filled day.