Welcome to my blog

Thank you for taking a peek at what I have to say.

Below is my blog. Most everything here has something to with my being a transgender woman, or trans in general. This is where I get to continue my story. You will find a mixture of light fun topics along with some more serious themes.

  • The crazy lady at the mall
    Have you ever seen some one acting kind of odd? In a way that our social norms say ‘you shouldn’t do that, it is improper’. I think we all have. Maybe we think something is wrong with that person and keep our distance. Maybe in doing so we lose out.… Continue reading The crazy lady at the mall
  • Life, Living and Climbing
    For me, life, being alive is about more than having air in our lungs and going through the motions. I don’t want to just fill space. I want to feel alive and for me that means growing. I want to be able to say today I am a bit better… Continue reading Life, Living and Climbing
  • The Real Answer
    When people find out that I have only lived in Utah for a few years they commonly ask, ‘Why did you move here?’. Depending on the situation I often give them the simple answer, ‘For a new job’. While that is true, it is the simple answer, not the real… Continue reading The Real Answer
  • My Happy Thought
    Many of you just see me as the Dancing Queen. In those times I am so full of energy and life. Yet there are other times when life for me isn’t so perfect when I am not spinning in ecstasy at the music. Like everyone I have those times when… Continue reading My Happy Thought
  • Blogging again, I hope
    Any of you that have read any of my writing know how much I love to write. But it takes time. I rarely just write and publish. I usually write, put it to the side for a few hours or days. I let the ideas in it ferment in my… Continue reading Blogging again, I hope
  • Anomaly
    anomaly {uh–nom–uh-lee} noun (1) a deviation from the normal rule, type, arrangement, or form. (2) a person or thing that is abnormal or does not fit in (3) an incongruity or inconsistency. I am an Anomaly. I am 61 years old and have more energy and zeel for life than most… Continue reading Anomaly
  • 2022 Recap
    2022 was an amazing year for me.  If I had to sum it up in one word, that word would be “active”.  Unlike my former self, I have become a very active person.  At one point, about halfway through the year, someone asked me if I was active or not. … Continue reading 2022 Recap
  • My answer to Pulse
    I have only been dancing for a few months. My first real experience on the dance floor was November 5, 2021. That night I was so nervous, I had no idea what I was doing. I felt so out of place. I had been to a dance club a couple… Continue reading My answer to Pulse
  • Beautiful People
    For me, if the Pride Weekend had a motto it would be Beautiful People. Above all else, that is what made it so very special, like a slice of heaven on earth.   I had considered trying to share everything I did at Pride, but that was a lot, and… Continue reading Beautiful People
  • My Life Motto
    Do you have a life motto? I doubt it; I didn’t used to. I think most of us just make our way through life without such guiding perspectives. The fact is I didn’t choose a life motto, it found me. I have been living by this motto for a while… Continue reading My Life Motto
  • I want to die on the dance floor
    No, I am not suicidal. I hope to live many more decades. Yes, at my age I think in terms of decades. To be specific my goal is to live to 120 years old. I have special reasons for that number, you can ask me if you want to know.… Continue reading I want to die on the dance floor
  • A Place to Dance
    As most of you know my favorite place to dance, The Sun Trapp, is temporarily closed due to a legal issue. For many people that would just mean a lack of nightlife options. But dancing isn’t just something I do for fun, dancing in the right environment is so beyond… Continue reading A Place to Dance
  • Living without the Sun
    As many of you know for the past couple months I have been regularly dancing at The Sun Trapp. In so many ways The Sun Trapp has become a second home to me. Unfortunately for the past few weeks the Trapp has been closed. They are going through some legal… Continue reading Living without the Sun
  • Finding My Limit
    My whole life I thought I was an extrovert. I did my best to avoid big social events and just stay at home. But for a variety of reasons I started feeling that might be wrong. After dipping my social toes in the water for a bit I finally took… Continue reading Finding My Limit
  • Redeeming a Name
    I think for most people they don’t think about names much. But when you are trans there are two very important names; the one you were given at birth and your real name. For me my real name, Jasmine-Arabella, is extremely special and important to me. I spent a long… Continue reading Redeeming a Name
  • My First Christmas
    No not my very first Christma, but my first christmas in nearly 20 years. I grew up in a secular home, but my parents always celebrated Christmas. Which is a bit of an understatement. Christmas was my mom’s favorite holiday and she went all out on presents and decorating and… Continue reading My First Christmas
  • Finding Home
    I have lived a lot of place but none of them have ever been home. I grew up in the bay area (San Francisco bay area). For the most part that was an experience I survived. Not to say it was all bad but I had no friends and never… Continue reading Finding Home
  • The Bar
    Sometimes you don’t know who you are until it happens. I was raised in a very conservative family. Although my dad went out to bars at times it was clear my mom didn’t consider them a great place to be. Since most of my parental influence came from my mom… Continue reading The Bar
  • Six Amazing Days
    Realizing you are trans later in life is a mixed bag.  On one hand, I already have an established career and a loving supportive family.  On the other hand, there is this feeling of needing to make up for lost time.  I always knew I didn’t fit, that my life… Continue reading Six Amazing Days
  • Magic Wand
    Have you ever wished you had a magic wand to fix something? I sure have, a lot. Being transgender sometimes feels impossible. So many many things don’t fit, and fixing them always seems to take forever. I have cried so hard about this so many times. Such an immense feeling… Continue reading Magic Wand