Is a Rose any less Beautiful?

Is a rose any less beautiful if you have seen it a thousand times? Obviously not. Its beauty is intrinsic to itself. It doesn’t change if you have seen it once, a thousand times or never. Yet so often we teat life that way. We seem to be come so acclimated to the beauty around us we are insulated from it. It is there still but not to us.

One might ask, “How many times should one appreciate the roses beauty?”. I would say every time you see it. Is life so busy, so full of other things that you can not take a moment to let the roses beauty touch your heart?

We do this with so many things that are there to bless us. Our family and friends, the weather, food, the list is endless. And in rushing by we robe ourselves of the joy we could have had. Even more so we make life the persuite of goals instead of something to experience. We make life less than living.

For sure there are times when we need to rush, when things are so urgent we can not even spare a few seconds to appreciate some beauty around us. But I think most of the time such situations are rare.

We have the magnificent Wasatch mountains in our backyard. Every time I see them I am filled with such overwhelming joy. They are beyond beautify. They speak of the millennia upon millennia. They give us life in so many ways. Yet so many seem to take them for granted most of the time.

Life is so for living, but that requires us to let the amazing things of life, that are all around us, to touch our souls. For it is only when our soul is involved that we are living to the fullest.

So I have a challenge for you. Make a goal of just once a day to take out just 5 seconds to savor the beauty in something that comes your way. Let it reach down to your soul and breathe life into your existence.