No, I am not talking about illegal drugs. Yes, sometimes, my estrogen does do some amazing things for me in that department. But I have blogged about that before. Here I am talking about literally higher.

How am I getting higher, high heels of course. Well to be totally honest high heel boots. Oh, I do have a few pairs of regular high heel shoes. I even have, hold on now, some flats. There I said it, but I can honestly say I rarely wear them, so maybe they don’t count against all of my beautiful high heel shoes and boots.

But this isn’t about my shoe collection, that will be a whole blog post of itself, or maybe a few of them. This is about being high all the time.

Now I have been doing this for a few months now, so I can walk fairly OK. Well, I can in my 3-inch heels. And I am fine with the shorter ones. Here my biggest issue is everything seems to have shrunk. When I am in the kitchen the counter is way down there. When I want to make a mocha reaching the mocha-bar is more of a reach. When I need to pick something off of the floor the bending seems to never end.

Then there are those unexpected perks. Things that have always been just-out-of-reach are now within my grasp. Getting things off of the top shelf is painless. Seeing over things is effortless. Changing light bulbs is a snap. That is unless my heels aren’t quite enough and I have to get on a step stool.

Oh and that reminds me of stairs. Stairs were quite a challenge. I would go down VERY slowly. And often going up was even more of a challenge. To be fair going up wasn’t totally the fault of my heels. Part of that issue was the fact that I often have a long dress on that is catching on the stairs.

But all, well most, of that is in the past. I can go up and down the stairs with my heels on without much difficulty. I do make sure and hold the rail all the time and I am rarely carrying anything more than my cellphone.

However, once I get much past three inches life gets interesting again. I recently purchased some beautiful red boots. I would wear them all the time except they are about five inches. I feel like I am on top of a skyscraper. They are way more than any of my other shoes or boots.

But they are beautiful and I want them. So I am in training. I am trying to wear my 3 1/2 inch heels more often so that I become totally acclimated to them. Then I will start adapting to the world at 4 inches. Inch by inch I will climb this mountain. Because…

Beauty is worth it.

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  1. Heels are so tricky for me. I had to google how to walk in heels a few years ago because I was never explicitly taught how to walk in them and I tended to clomp around like a horse — LOL! I’m better at it now but I still can’t handle them for more than a couple hours but it’s so worth it because I’ve got some really cute ones! Can’t wait to see these red boots!

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