It was never my goal to develop my body to the point of admiration from other, I’ll go over my goals in a bit. But to some degree that has been one of the results. Some have just complemented me in passing. I am getting used to hearing “nice guns”. Others ask for advice. This page is for those who have asked me about my workouts or other fitness and/or health related questions. I’m going to tell a bit about my story and then give some general advice. If you have specific questions you would like me to address please email me at:

I already accomplished my original reason for working out. You can read about that here. For sure you don’t need any big reason or goal to work out. It can just be you want to be healther.

But in my case I wanted something to push me. So I have a big long term goal that is going to push my workouts and so much more. I chose this goal because a while back I realized I was being lazy with the gift I had been given. I don’t understand it but some how I have been blessed with incredible energy. But for a while I was just going along having fun with it. Not that having fun is bad. But I knew I was capable of more.

So I chose the goal of in ten year climbing El Capitan. El Cap is a three thousand foot climb that takes days to complete. This goal will push me in many ways. You can read more about that here. So much of what I do is very focused on what muscle I need to improve for climbing. But I am still working on parts of my original goal.

Some Tips

The following are some random thoughts. I will try to improve this to something more as I have time.

  • You be YOU: Don’t just copy someone else, or try to match them. Set your own health goals and focus on those.
  • Keep Changing: If you are at all successful you will need to change your routine. Maybe that means running longer/further, or adding more weights or something else. Just never get to the point where you think you have the perfect workout.
  • Google is a Great Trainer: Most of my exercises I found on Google by considering where and how I wanted to improve and than doing searches for exercises that do that.
  • Taking a Day Off is Fine: I think anyone who is serious about their workout feels lazy when they don’t work out, especially if they had planned on it. But sometimes our body need a break. Sometimes there just isn’t time. Sometimes shit happens and the workout doesn’t. Don’t sweet it, just make sure that doesn’t become a habit.