As we all know, traditionally, “family” are those people who are biologically connected to you via birth. But many, especially in the queer community, consider “family” those that you know that are part of your community. But maybe it is even more.

I was walking to a rally for the “Trans Day of Visibility the other day. It had been a kind of emotional day for me already. But I was just enjoying my walk to the capital and listening to some fun music. I don’t recall which playlist I was listing to but it wasn’t one of my more common ones.

I was just one street across from the capital. There were lots of people up on the steps and even more still in route, as I was. I was in the middle of crossing the street over to the capital when a new song came on. I don’t recall what the song was. But the lyrics were talking about being real and changing for the better. It was so totally apropiate for the moment, almost too much so.

I was in the middle of the street and started cry so hard. Fortunately I was able to pull it together and get across the street. It was so very intense, between the music and the event, my ermotions were so overwelming. A guy saw me and notised that I was emotional. I just ran up to him and huged him. I huged him so tight and hard for so long.

I had no idea who he was/is. I will most likely never see him again. Was he “family”. In that moment for me he was. He was someone I could lean on. Literaly a shoulder to cry on. After I got controle of myself he checked to make sure I was OK and then we parted.

It is amaszing to me how little we had in common, going to a rally, yet how very much we had in common. Two people with a common heart, a heart of love. I was in need and he was a comforting soul for me to lean on.

For that moment he was part of my family. The queer family is huge. We are all over the place.