Blogging again, I hope

Any of you that have read any of my writing know how much I love to write. But it takes time. I rarely just write and publish. I usually write, put it to the side for a few hours or days. I let the ideas in it ferment in my soul. Then I look at it again to see if what I wrote is the right brew.

Rarely is it perfect that first round. I work on it a bit and let it go for a second rising. Eventually, I read it, it touches my soul and I click publish.

But via this process, I am lucky to get something out once a month and a good blog needs more frequent additions. So I am going to try, this is my first attempt, to publish first drafts. That will not be everything. I am sure there will still be topics for which I feel need a the full process.

The two posts below this were done vai the old process. I had been working on them off and on for weeks. But today I decided to finsh them up, so that there was a bit of fresh content for you.

In the weeks to come I hope to spruce up my blogs presentation. I hope to make it fresh and fun. I want to add some things from the past, part of my coming out story. I want to add some new regular topics. I’m even considering posting a childrens novel I wrote for my kids and some other fun stuff.

I can’t guaretee consistancy. Life, especially mine, has a way of bring you suprisies when your not read. And if you know me at all you know I keep pretty busy. But I am going to try. I hope you will try to catch a few of my posts. I hope they bring a smile to your face and breath life into your soul.