My Story

The long version

The following links go to the chapters of my life. I have tried to include enough detail for you to get a full picture of what my life has been like and how it led me to where I am now. However, you will likely notice some aspects of my experience are rather vague. This is quite intentional. As I am sure you can imagine, many parts of this journey are extremely personal, quite beyond what one would want to share with the general public. But for the most part, I think you will find it like a movie fading out at the start of a bedroom scene.

One point to bear in mind as you read, this is my story, and along with it is my opinion and feeling about various things. You may disagree with some of what I have to say, especially with regard to religion. That is fine. I am in no way trying to tell anyone what to believe or how to think. I am simple wanting to share my feelings on various topics that had an impact on my journey. You will also see how my perspecitve and belief changed over the years. For much of my life religion was a major focus, and very much impacted what I did and how I saw the world.

Over the years my focus on religion and letting it rule my life has faded. I now consider myself very spiritual, but not very religious. Or put another way I believe in a creative force/entity and things currently beyond science, but I don’t believe in man made dogma. I am agnostic but culturally Jewish, as much of the jewish perspective and way of life still very much resenates with my soul.

  1. Growing Up
  2. Young Adult
  3. Marriage and Family
  4. My Great Awakening
  5. Someone knocking at the door
  6. Coming out of the closet
  7. The Journey Continues

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