My Dream

I know some will say dreams are for children, they are fairytales that never come true. But I would say, “NO, dreams do come true.” Not so many years ago it was just a dream to end segregation, but God blessed humanity with the enlightenment to triumph over its past sins. Not so many years ago it was a dream to leave this planet and fly to the stars. But again God blessed us with the knowledge and wisdom to overcome all the obstacles and explore His universe.

There are countless other dreams that have come true. But they all have one thing in common, they needed people to dream. To see beyond the current world. To have faith in humanity and God. To have a vision of a better world. If I live to a hundred, I may never see this day but it is still my dream.

This is my dream, it invades every part of my being. My dream is to live to see the day when we no longer need Pride centers. When trans don’t have to worry about getting medical care. When LGBT people don’t have to seek out ‘accepting’ services and places for everyday needs. When debates over gender, orientation, etc. are dusty old books at the back of a library.

I want to see a day when gay, trans, straight and everyone in between can sit down for a meal together and it is just a meal. It isn’t even an event, it is just a family dinner or a church potluck. I want to live to see the day when saying, “I am gay” is taken as nonchalantly as saying, “I am learning Spanish,” or “I am going to dye my hair.” I want to live to see the day when my grandchild asks me ‘what is homophobia’. Because they are puzzled by this bazzar word that has lost all meaning.

I want to live to see the day that prejudice and hatred are buried. And love and acceptance are a reality for all.

I know this will not happen by itself. I know it will take a lot of work. So many have given so much already. Their love and sacrifice is a monument beyond the greatest statue or edifice ever made by man. We are so incredibly blessed to have them. Yet we still have so far to go.

I know I have no choice but to be part of it. I am still not sure what that part is, but I am getting closer. All of my being cries for this day and all of my being cries to bring it about.

There are times when I so very much wish I could do more. That I had more money to give. That I had more time to spend. That I had more skills to offer. But I don’t. I am the soul God created me to be. He put this hunger in my heart, and He will guide me to do all that I am meant to do.

I know it may not be His will for me to live to see my dream. If that is His lot for me, it is good enough for me to know that in some very small way I will have done my part. And I know someday my dream will come true, for I see it on the horizon. I will stand outside the promised land, as Moses did seeing from a distance that I will never get to experience.

For I know God knows Love is Love