How were you different?

Some of the things that made me different are quite personal/private issues, but I will share what I can.

Always wanting to be with girls

As long as I can remember I always wanted to be friends with the girls. Even when I was in the lower elementary grades when boys typically think of girls as repulsive. When I got to the higher elementary grades, my life took a very bad turn for the worse. At this point, I was expected to spend all of my social time with the other boys, but that wasn’t what I wanted. That never worked for me.

While I have had a few male friends they have been extremely few and far between. To date, I have only had three male friends who I would consider very close friends.

I have never understood men

Part of what made my school years, past the first few, so horrible was not fitting in where I was supposed to. I was supposed to hang out with the boys. But I didn’t understand them. Their attitude, and the way they are always so competitive. I was just never able to manage much of a conversation with them.

This changed somewhat as I grew up. When I was in my early 20’s, I started learning how to find topics I could enjoy talking to anyone with. Since then I haven’t had as much trouble having conversations with men as long as the topic is one I can relate to.

I never liked “boy” things

It was when I got past about the third grade that I remember a lot of things changing. One of the big ones was what kind of activities I was expected to do, I was expected to do “boy” things. But I didn’t like boy things. I was never into sports. I wasn’t competitive at all. I didn’t like fighting or wrestling or anything like that. I just didn’t fit in at all.

In conclusion

All of this and more has left me often feeling somewhat isolated. Whenever I could I would socialize with women, but that isn’t always practical. There are so many pieces of who I am and how my life has gone that just make more sense if you put them in a feminine box.

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