Does this mean you have had a horrible life?

That is commonly true for many transgender people. But fortunately for me the answer is, “NO.”

Much of my childhood was quite bad. I couldn’t wait till summer and school was finally over. I couldn’t wait till I was 18 and it was totally over. But from my early 20’s on, things changed quite a bit.

One major change was that I was no longer expected to just be with the guys. As an adult I could choose my friends, and most of them were women. When I was in group settings, I could choose to socialize with the women. I could also choose the men I socialized with, finding ones that we at least had a bit in common.

By far the biggest change for the better in my life was my marriage. I had the love of my life, and my very best friend all rolled into one. For sure those parts of me that are different were still somewhat of an issue. But in many cases, they are part of what has made our marriage so wonderful. Being ‘accepting’ of feminine things in the home, being sensitive, being very family-focused, and enjoying never-ending conversations are but a few of them.

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