At your age why change now?

That is a very good question. In ways it would be easier to stay as I am; transitioning is a very difficult process. Let me explain how I feel in a short fictitious story.

Mary was an average kid in most ways. She liked to play, she liked to eat candy and do other fun things. Life was always a bit difficult for her, but she persisted and grew up. College was also difficult for her, but there were those who would help her out and she got by.

As time went by she got married and had a family. Like everything in her life managing a family was difficult, but it was worth it to her. She loved her family, so she did what it took.

Her kids grew up and slowly started leaving home. She was at a point in her life where things were starting to slow down. Then one day something amazing came along. It would be costly and take a long time. But if she was willing there was a new medical procedure that would cure her blindness.

Would you ask such a question of her?

I am sure for many they look at transitioning as optional, like getting cosmetic surgery. But it is much closer to curing blindness, it is making someone whole.

I have lived my whole life not fitting in and never knowing why. Trying and failing. I have managed and on the whole, I have had a good life. But now I understand why I always failed and how to fix it.

It is one thing to fail and make the best of it because you don’t know of any option. But why would anyone choose to fail once they knew how to succeed?

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