A Place to Dance

As most of you know my favorite place to dance, The Sun Trapp, is temporarily closed due to a legal issue. For many people that would just mean a lack of nightlife options. But dancing isn’t just something I do for fun, dancing in the right environment is so beyond fun, it feeds my soul.

So for me, there is a real need to find another place that works. But I wasn’t sure what all that required. At first, I thought that just meant a dance club with a good dance floor and a good DJ/music. I found that at another club, but that didn’t help nearly as much as I thought it would. I enjoyed the dancing, but it was missing something. It was missing the crowd of happy people. Oh, there were others there, but at no point were there so many I would call it a crowd.

Finally, I was told about a new queer bar, Milk+, that had just opened. So I checked it out. It is fantastic. I went both Friday and Saturday night. I was on the dance floor with very few breaks from the time the DJ started at 8pm till he finished at 2am. This place fed my soul.

It had all of the magic ingredients. They have a large dance floor and a great stage that I enjoyed dancing on. They have huge speakers to pound out the music. They have food all night, and with healthy options too. They have great DJs to keep the tunes going. But I think most of all they have that wonderful queer crowd I so long to be part of. Dozens and dozens of happy gay people dancing the night away. It was beautiful.

So I have a place to dance now, I don’t have words to express how important that is to me. Since the Trapp closed I have felt like I am starving to death in a desert. Now I have an oasis where I can survive. Yet I still so very much want to see the Sun again.

Milk+ is fantastic. I am so happy they are there but they are not the same as The Sun Trap. The Trapp was my second home. It is like the difference between going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant and having dinner at your best friend’s house. Both are going to give you a great meal and you know in both cases you are going to have a wonderful time. But there is that closeness and comfort that you only get at a house with your friends.

The Trapp was that for me and hundreds of other queer people. I miss The Sun Trapp so much, and can’t wait for it to shine again.